Smallest cars in the market receive price reductions of tens of millions of dong.

Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, and the newly introduced Toyota Wigo all have promotional offers for purchases made in June.

Currently, Hyundai i10 is offering a 50% reduction in registration fees and body insurance. For example, if the price of the 1.2 AT version is 435 million VND, customers purchasing the car in Hanoi with a 12% registration fee can enjoy a reduction of 26 million VND, plus the savings from body insurance, resulting in a total benefit of over 30 million VND, bringing the price down to approximately 400 million VND.

Kia Morning tại một đại lý ở TP HCM. Ảnh: Thành Nhạn

Meanwhile, Kia Morning is offering direct discounts of 15-25 million VND, depending on the model and year of the car.

For 2022 models, customers can negotiate even better prices. The selling prices, including the promotional offers, range from 369 to 439 million VND. Additionally, some dealerships are offering additional items and services when purchasing the car, such as accessories, tinted window films, or maintenance vouchers.The new competitor to i10 and Morning is the recently launched Toyota Wigo 2023, available in two versions: the manual transmission E model priced at 360 million VND and the automatic CVT transmission G model priced at 405 million VND.

Without considering the promotional offers, the price of the Wigo is cheaper by several tens of million VND compared to its competitors. Currently, dealerships are offering tinted window films, accessories, or maintenance service packages as promotional offers for Wigo purchases. The Japanese automaker also applies the financial policies of Toyota Financial Services, enabling customers to purchase the car with a relatively low down payment of 54 million VND.Therefore, the A-segment cars, which used to be dominated by Korean vehicles, now have the addition of a Japanese contender. T

oyota aims to sell around 450 units of the Wigo 2023 per month. In the first four months of the year, i10 sold 2,739 units (approximately 685 units per month), and Morning sold 603 units (approximately 150 units per month).

Toyota Wigo mới ra mắt. Ảnh: Thắng Milan

The introduction of the Wigo provides customers with more choices, especially during challenging economic times when affordability becomes a crucial factor in accessing more expensive vehicles in higher segments. Furthermore, in the near future, these A-segment cars may no longer be the smallest and cheapest options on the market, as mini electric cars like the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV or vehicles from VinFast are emerging as alternatives.

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