Mitsubishi Xpander receives over 70 million VND price reduction for the first time.

The Xpander, the best-selling MPV in its segment, is offering 100% registration fee support, competing with rivals such as Veloz, Carens, and Stargazer.

In June, Mitsubishi, in collaboration with its dealerships, is providing a 100% registration fee reduction for the 2022 Xpander models, in addition to other accompanying gifts. This is the largest price reduction ever offered for the Xpander.

With prices ranging from 555 to 688 million VND, a customer in Ho Chi Minh City (with a 10% registration fee) can enjoy a reduction of 55 to 68 million VND when purchasing an Xpander. For customers in Hanoi (with a 12% registration fee), the reduction is even greater, around 66 to 82 million VND.

Một mẫu Xpander đời 2022 lăn bánh ở Đồng Nai. Ảnh: Phạm Trung

Over the years, due to its strong sales, the Xpander has rarely received discounts. However, with increasing inventory pressure in the sluggish market, competitors such as Veloz and Stargazer have also significantly reduced prices, prompting the Japanese automaker to make changes.
Currently, the Toyota Veloz is being discounted by 40-50 million VND, Hyundai Stargazer is reduced by 70-80 million VND, and Kia Carens is supported by Truong Hai with a 50% registration fee reduction, equivalent to around 35-50 million VND off.

The Mitsubishi Xpander is one of several Japanese car models with significant price reductions in June. The highest reduction is seen in the Pajero Sport model (VIN 2022), priced at 1.13-1.365 billion VND, with a 100% registration fee reduction, which amounts to a reduction of over 100 million VND, depending on the version.

The full registration fee support also applies to the Attrage and Triton pickup truck models (VIN 2022). The Mitsubishi Attrage is priced at 380-490 million VND, with a reduction of 38-49 million VND, while the Triton is priced at 650-905 million VND, with a reduction of 65-90 million VND or more, depending on the registration location.

Locally assembled Outlander models receive a slightly smaller discount of 50% on the registration fee. The Outlander is priced at 825-950 million VND, with a reduction of 40-47 million VND. In its segment, the Mitsubishi Outlander has been selling the slowest. Its competitor, the Honda CR-V (priced at 998-1,138 million VND), is offering a 100% registration fee reduction, amounting to over 100 million VND. The best-selling model in the segment, the Mazda CX-5, is offering a reduction of 80-100 million VND.

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